OHMS is a software development firm that holds excellence and client satisfaction to the highest standard. We work efficiently to achieve our clients design goals. Our firm specializes in but not limited to Graphic Design, Web Design, Corporate Branding and Consultation.


Graphic Design

We operate within a wide spectrum of design types to meet and even surpass the demands of our clients. We design Logos, UI/UX, flyers, clothing prints, and many more.

Web Design

We design user-friendly websites that are responsive and one of a kind. Everyday the need for more user-friendly websites increase and our services come in to meet the challenging demands that you or your company might be facing breaking into the website arena.

Corporate Branding

In today’s world, the competitive nature of humans have seeped deep into businesses and markets of all kinds. More than ever before, it is now very important to brand tour business in a way that stands out to be recognized and affiliated with. We support your business with our branding strategy that gives you the platform to be reckoned with in any industry.

Contact us

Email: contact@ohmsdev.com

Phone: (682) 365 1315